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Payment & Shipping
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We accept PayPal Standard payments to our verified PayPal business account. Customers without a PayPal account can also use this method to pay by credit/debit card upon quick registration. Most major card vendors are accepted. Your bank account will be directly charged by PayPal and it is therefore recommended you have internet payments allowed with a daily limit above the amount being paid. Most banks allow you to change your daily limit after the transaction for security reasons.

You can also choose to pay via standard bank transfer. Most EU banks are part of the TARGET bank transfer system, which enables fast and inexpensive transfers. Please allow about two business days for the transaction to be confirmed.
Bank transaction info will be shown right after the checkout process. Please take note or print out the information. If you happen to skip this info, we'll be glad to email it to you, please use the contact form.

We are proud to also accept the technologically most advanced and minimum fee Bitcoin electronic currency. Upon order completion, we'll send you an email request including all information needed to complete your transaction. You can choose from entering our wallet address into your payment or utilizing the quick and easy QR code scanning feature.
If you'd like more info about the Bitcoin payment network, please see


We are happy to send any of the products offered on this website internationally.
For this purpose, we use the services of the Czech Post. When checking out, you'll be offered one or more shipping options. These shipping options and their prices are the same for all countries and thus we don't have numerous options based on destination. Prices are also the same for the USA, regardless of ZIP code or lower 48.

The airmail service we use allows reciept of the package within 7 work days (10 days maximum) and is trackable through your national Post Office (USPS, Deutsche Post, Royal Post etc.) when it reaches the first sorting utility in your country. We do not pre-pay or take responsibility for any customs or VAT duties in destinations outside the EU. Please inform yourself about your local import laws and/or fees (import from the EU).

All shipments are sent priority and damage/loss insurance is included to most destinations.

Countries outside the EU: We do not prepay nor can be held liable for import duties and local taxes. If you are unsure about possible fees pertaining to import, please contact your national customs office. Most post offices are also able to provide details.

If you are located inside the EU (in the Shengen area), no extra customs or taxes are added to your shipment upon reciept since these shipments pertain to the Schengen treaty. The European Union constitutes a customs union and a Value Added Tax area. The effect of these provisions is to prohibit systematic tax, customs controls or any administrative processing of goods at borders between EU member states. In consequence the borders between EU, Schengen states have become largely invisible.

If you are located outside the EU or an EU VAT registered company and need VAT deduction, please register a user account and send us an email. We will change your customer status as soon as possible.

Shipment tracking

All postal shipments are trackable online. In most cases, we add the tracking number to your order history (see My Account > Order History). Most national Post Offices register this tracking number before or upon arrival to your national post sorting utility, which is usually 3-4 days after our shipment.
Therefore, the best way to track your shipment is to visit your national Post Office's online tracking system and entering the number we have sent you.


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